South Georgia Writers Guild



The purpose of the South Georgia Writers Guild is for writers of all genres to collaborate together. We have established this organization in hopes that writers can find a supportive, peer-driven, creative community. Meetings are used to discuss various topics, go over exercises, and talk about any other news we may be able to share.

  1. Membership is free.
    1. That being said, a certain amount of participation from the individual must be ascertained. We ask all members to carry on discussions on our Facebook group and/or attend meetings.
    2. We ask that you, as a member, make communication at least once a month. This can be carried out by attending a meeting or by posting on the Facebook group page.
    3. Upon non-participation, one warning will be given by an administrator. You will have two weeks to remedy. If you choose not to respond, you will be removed from the group.
  2. Exercises ARE NOT mandatory.
    1. #30min – Topic is given to write on for 30 minutes. This will show how diverse we can be with our writing. These are gone over at the Nashville meetings. Nashville meetings are on the 3rd Saturday of every month at 2 pm at The Tin Roof.
    2. Discussions – Various topics are gone over and how they relate to our story. As in: favorite first lines and how to make a good start, beginning paragraph and how someone else perceives our stories, etc. These are gone over at the Tifton meetings. Tifton meetings are on the 1st Saturday of every month at 3 pm at Giggles.
  3. Workshops – We cover a variety of topics. Social media outlets, world building, writing, overall health are just a few. If you have a suggestion for a workshop you would like to hold, or see someone present, please tell us your suggestion at our next meeting or post it on our Facebook group.
  4. Critique groups – Sub-groups may be formed between members within the guild. Remember we have diverse genres in our organization. Make sure all are comfortable with reading and critiquing each other’s writings. We have a critique guideline file, if you would like to brush up on critique methods.
  5. Beta readers – Request can be made for beta readers within the group. We are also in the process of finding beta readers (who will sign a disclosure agreement) that are non- South Georgia Writers Guild members, but we will have access to.
  6. NO flaming will be tolerated. This applies to the group page and towards an individual. If you have a problem with a member, and cannot handle it yourself, please talk to an administrator. This organization is to benefit everyone. We want other writers to feel comfortable joining us. Plus, we want members to know that everyone’s work – and feelings – are important.

Thank you for reading over, and adhering to, these guidelines. If there is a topic that is not discussed, please send your thoughts and suggestions to:


E.M. Knowles
Tracey M. Cox