July #FeaturedMember – Tracey M. Cox

July Featured Member: Tracey M. Cox This month’s featured member is a children’s writer, Tracey M. Cox. Writing is like breathing to me. If I can’t do it, I would die. I have always loved the written word and story telling at its truest form. I blame my papa. 😀  I was raised by my… Continue reading July #FeaturedMember – Tracey M. Cox

May – #FeaturedMember – E. M. Knowles

May #FeaturedMember: E. M. Knowles Once again, South Georgia Writers Guild is celebrating a NEW RELEASE. This months featured author, E. M. Knowles, has her latest release, RODENT. BLURB: Tampa Bay, 1918. Rodent is a man that exists by hiding, cloaked in the shadow of night, a grave robber. Accustomed to anonymity, he is suddenly… Continue reading May – #FeaturedMember – E. M. Knowles

April – #FeaturedMember – Darlene Hancock

April’s Featured Member – Darlene Hancock This year we have been celebrating New Releases. This month is no different. Please check out Darlene Hancock’s new book, Magnolia Grove. BLURB: The sudden death of Cassie Long’s mother brings her home for the first time in ten years. When she arrives in Magnolia Grove, she finds her… Continue reading April – #FeaturedMember – Darlene Hancock

March Featured Author – Kristofer M. Hanson

March Featured Author – Kristofer M. Hanson Readers picked up the first book, THE ATTUNING, and began reading it. They assumed they were reading a high fantasy, steam punk-like epic where our hero, the gallant warrior, is on a quest to rescue the fair maiden. Well, by the time the book was done, their expectations… Continue reading March Featured Author – Kristofer M. Hanson

February Featured Member: Jeff Newberry

February Featured Member: Jeff Newberry Sheriff’s deputy Justin Everson loves his home town, St. Vincent, a tiny mill town on the Florida Gulf Coast. He patrols the same streets he grew up on, driving past a landscape that at once familiar and mysterious, simultaneously modern and primeval. Gripped in the wake of a national recession,… Continue reading February Featured Member: Jeff Newberry