The South Georgia Writers Guild was formed after a group of writers met each other at “An Evening with the Authors” event, which was held at The Myon in Tifton, Georgia, in March 2015.

We decided to form a monthly meeting in Adel. Thus was born the South Georgia Writers Guild. At the first meeting, we decided to put a call out to other writers. We have since expanded our meetings to twice a month –

  • Tifton, Georgia – 1st Saturday of every month, Giggles, 3 pm
  • Nashville, Georgia – 3rd Saturday of every month, The Tin Roof, 2 pm

We also gather at various events through the year, support each other across social media, and hope to encourage other writers to do the same.

As a group, we run writing exercises and discussions to gather together under one particular subject. During these various exercises, we can see how diverse our writing styles are, yet still remain on topic. These exercises are not a requirement of the group, but only a means to bring everyone together. We also hold workshops to help each other gain knowledge and confidence in different areas. Topics for our workshops run from social media interaction to story development to overall health.

We do require participation in the group. This can be accomplished by attending meetings, and/or actively posting on our Facebook group page.

We are an entirely open membership. If you enjoy writing of whatever kind and for whatever reason, you’re welcomed.

We are also an open organization in terms of who can participate in society activities – our writing, editing, or social events. Obviously these things need a structure, and so we have administrators. Everything we achieve is done through the unpaid voluntary work of enthusiasts – and new people can get involved at any time.

If you love to write, please join us, and help us make a noise about the writers and authors South Georgia has to offer.