July #FeaturedMember – Tracey M. Cox

featuredmember - traceymcox

July Featured Member:
Tracey M. Cox

This month’s featured member is a children’s writer, Tracey M. Cox.

Writing is like breathing to me. If I can’t do it, I would die.

I have always loved the written word and story telling at its truest form. I blame my papa. 😀  I was raised by my grandparents and it was a nightly ritual that my grandfather told me stories. He would tell of heroes & villains, long quests, rich rewards, just causes, and happily ever afters. I continued his legend-telling with my own children. It was then I began to think of taking my stories past storytelling. To putting them on paper. To submit them. To hopefully one day hold a book in my hands and see my name on the cover.

Writing is a solitary journey. While we write, we dive into other worlds, become other people, overcome obstacles we hope to never endure. I want to let you know that you don’t have to go it all alone though. There are other writers out there. Those who are struggling, just like you. Those who have fears, hopes, and dreams. These people are your tribe. These are the ones who will get what you are going through and will champion you on your way.

I hope your writing journey crosses oceans and you reach your journey’s end to find stories that will last forever. For it is with stories told that we find we never truly leave this earth.


Tracey has been writing professionally since 2000. Her 10th picture book, Bubble Gum, Bubble Gum in a Dish, was released June 30th. This is her debut book as an illustrator. Along with being a South Georgia Writer’s Guild member, Tracey is PAL SCBWI member and in the Southern Breeze Chapter she is the Webmaster/PR coordinator as well as the Local Liaison for South Georgia. She is a KidLit TV team member and is the founder/director for Books Love & Taters Book Festival


Bubble Gum Bubble Gum in a Dish

A dish of bubble gum and learning to count has never been so fun! Match colors and watch the bubble get bigger and bigger as you count higher and higher. Chomp, chomp. Chew, chew. What a bubble you just blew!

Watch the book trailer:


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