May – #FeaturedMember – E. M. Knowles

featuredmember - EMKnowles

May #FeaturedMember:
E. M. Knowles

Once again, South Georgia Writers Guild is celebrating a NEW RELEASE. This months featured author, E. M. Knowles, has her latest release, RODENT.

Rodent book cover


Tampa Bay, 1918.

Rodent is a man that exists by hiding, cloaked in the shadow of night, a grave robber.

Accustomed to anonymity, he is suddenly captured by a pair of abductors and imprisoned with six other seemingly unconnected strangers.

The perpetually private Rodent has caught the vicious attention of a dying man, hungry for vigilante vengeance.

On an isolated prison at sea, Rodent vows to survive no matter the cost.

Purchase RODENT on today.

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EM Knowles head shot

Novelist E.M. Knowles, schooled in psychology and sociology, is as enraptured by current events as she is history. With works of fiction leaning to the cerebral and macabre, her consecutive NaNoWriMo award winning novels include: Diary of Mimosa Creek (2012), Iona (2013) and the fantasy novel, The Yawning Veil (2014). In 2015 she released the speculative/supernatural fiction novel, Wolf Night, the first book of the Shadow Cliff trilogy, before returning to her roots with the 2016 historical horror release, Rodent.

She is a proud member of The Independent Writers Network & The South Georgia Writers Guild.

Other books by E.M. Knowles…

book cover - Diary of Mimosa Creek

An atmospheric southern gothic historical fiction horror during the American Civil War written in journal form by an isolated and psychologically compromised woman.

book cover - Iona

A historical fiction mystery set in the first century with Shakespearean themes of political murder, vengeance, and supernatural intervention.


book cover - The Yawning Veil

A fantasy thriller wherein a world is divided into four isolationist Kingdoms when suddenly a borderless plague begins to scorch the lands.


book cover - Wolf Night

Young Adult, Modern Dark Fantasy. A young man is transported to the land of the dead to exist alongside other castoffs of folklore, most of whom assume he is not who or what he claims to be.



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