April – #FeaturedMember – Darlene Hancock

featuredmember - DarleneHancock

April’s Featured Member –
Darlene Hancock

This year we have been celebrating New Releases. This month is no different. Please check out Darlene Hancock’s new book, Magnolia Grove.

Magnolia Grove Final Cover Design


The sudden death of Cassie Long’s mother brings her home for the first time in ten years. When she arrives in Magnolia Grove, she finds her mother’s house in disarray. Now, she has a break-in to contend with in addition to her mother’s funeral.

Maxwell Phillips is determined to purchase the neighboring farm from the grieving daughter. What he didn’t expect was to encounter a beautiful blonde who stole his heart the second he met her.

When the toxicology report shows that her mother was actually murdered, Cassie becomes the next target. Will Max turn out to be her lover or a murderer? Or is there someone from the past looking for a payout?


pic of me new

Darlene C. Hancock was born and raised in the south. She started writing years ago, but it wasn’t until after the internet began, and she learned a lot more about writing, that her first book was published. Full Circle was published in 2013.

Magnolia Grove is the first of a series and has more than just romance included. Murder and suspense are mixed in.

Leatherwood Creek is another series she is working on. The first book should be available later this year.

Darlene continues to live in the south with her family and a bunch of crazy dogs.


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